Dream Football Teams Analysis (Part 3)

…Dream Team 1970’s…

From my own observations and analysis I presented two dream teams –one from late 1960s to Mid 1970s and the other from late 1970s and 1980s, knowing fully well that it will create some discussions. I acknowledged that everyone has own way of evaluating performances, own of making judgment. In few positions in both teams there were few options to choose from. As expected the write up could generate discussions and some persons have differed and I feel that my objectives could be partially achieved .Football which used to occupy our thoughts in 1960s, 1970s and 1980s have almost taken back seat. I cannot believe that Dhaka football hardly draw capacity crowd. Even matches of tradional rivals Mohammedan and Abahoni fail to create similar excitements. The reasons may be politicization of sports organizations, failure to grow institutions to support gradual and organized transition to professionalism, almost dissolution of domestic format of football, decline of Bangladesh team’s performance at international level and lack of enthusiasm among younger generation for playing football.  Youth is more fascinated to drug abuse and other vices. 15 Million Citizen inhabited Dhaka city has hardly few play ground with local tournaments and age group football almost missing.

….স্বাধীনবাংলা মুক্তিযোদ্ধা ফুটবল দল…

As my suggested dream teams generated some discussions let me analyze the teams a little deeper. We have to keep in view that Dhaka football was dominated by several high quality footballers coming from Makran during 1960s. Leading clubs like Mohammedan, Wanderers, Victoria, and EPIDC had four to five non local players. Wari, Azad Sporting, EastEnd, PWD, BG Press Were actual breeding ground of local footballers. Leagues in some districts and various football tournament around the then East Pakistan produced some key footballers. In 1960s few quality players from East Pakistan could force their way to the Pakistan team in the late 1960s and others were emerging. My team of late 1960s to mid-1970s is mostly formed of these players

Analysis of Dream Team Mid 1960s – Mid 1970s

My team of 1970s would be (3-2-5 Formation)

Goal Keeper: Shahidur Rahman Shantu,

    Full Backs:  Manjoo , Pintu and Nazir Junior

     Half Backs:  Nanno     and    Amalesh

     Front Line: Protap, Enayet, Salahuddin, Hafiz, Tipu

Who else in goal keeping could compete with Shantu? I thought of Motaleb, Nurun Nabi. Shantu was a better all-rounder goal keeper .He was tall , athletic and agile .He had a little weakness against low drives and along the ground as he sometimes was a bit lazy to dive .But in the air in negotiating crosses and chips he was the best in his time.

In my 3-2-5 formation the team had Manjoo, Pinto and Nazir Junior in my team.. I considered Hakim, Badsha, Batu. But think of the positions Manjoo was definitely more versatile in right back position .He started overlapping and attacking from defense proving to be the linkage of traditional and modern football . Zakaria Pinto was strong, hardworking and dependable stopper back .He was the captain also for his leadership qualities. Nazir junior was equally dependable. Badsha and Hakim could be reserves in full back positions.

In my mid field my team included Nanno and Amalesh .I hope none can dispute. May be hard working Kaikobad and Benu could be considered as reserve.

মোহামেডান দল ভারতে খেলতে গেলে ভারতীয় সেনা কর্মকর্তার সাথে সালাউদ্দিন,টিপু,শান্টু,মেজর হাফিজ,জহির,শামসু ও পিন্টুকে দেখা যাচ্ছে

I cannot find any strong reason of disagreement in the selection of Protap Enayet, Salahuddin, Hafiz and Tipu. For excellent ball control, with the ball running along the flank and witty chips and crosses Protap made a mark in Dhaka football in the late 1960s .He could force his way into Pakistan team even. I had seen him scoring goal directly from corner kicks. The players who could compete with him in late 1960s was Salimullah of EPIDC /BJMC .But in my opinion Protap was more versatile and effective. Unfortunately he did not stay longer beyond mid 1970s when his form started declining…Enayet, Salahuddin and Hafiz combination. They will definitely come into strong consideration even if an all-time dream team of Dhaka Football after liberation is ever made .Enayet was almost a one man team .In his prime he did not play for Mohammedan or Abahoni .So he had to do bulk of the work for his team and create his own coal. Enayet was our poor man’s Maradona .Saludding was stylish natural striker more of George Best model .He could cut through defense, dodge past strong tacklers and score from difficult angles. Hafiz had tremendous ball control and strong left footed volleys and drives. Unfortunately despite of making glorious contribution in the liberation war a bit of dirty politics deprived him front representin Bangladesh in international arena. Nevertheless he played with pride and honor in Dhaka football till he hang up his boots on his own term. Who else could be considered Shamsu, Nowsher, Nazir Senior were contemporaries. But I do not think they were of the same class and quality of the three of my dream team. In 1960s Musa was smartest left inside / left out in Dhaka football as well as Pakistan team. Emerging footballer Tipu prospered so strongly in Dhaka football that at one stage Tipu knocked out even Musa from left out position. He had classic movement with the ball and dangerous shots and volleys. Tipu, Protap running along two flanks was ideal side in Dhaka football. Players who could compete him were Gazi and Chunnu .As Tipu’s form started declining Chunnu started announcing his presence .Chunnu could stay in the team as reserve from early to mid-1970s and may be beyond.. Chunnu stands in between two generation of footballers and deserve to be included in one or either team.

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