Pathetic tale of a cricket-loving family



Everybody wants to fulfill his dream. If anybody’s dream is destroyed by killing him, sorrows know no bound. All the members of the family bear this unbearable pain untill death. And if the dead body isn’t found, nothing can console the family. Only the sufferers can realise the depth of the pain.

Such kind of pathetic incident happened in the lives of the previous Bangladesh cricket team opener dashing batsman  Nurul Abedin Novel  and his younger  brother previous Bangladesh cricket team captain Minhajul Abedin Nannu & Tayeb abedin Nimmu. Nimmu was the previous very well known batsman of Dhaka-Chittagong cricket arena . They lost their father on 4th April in 1971. The killer Pakistan Army killed their father just 31 years old late Samsul Abedin who a famous cricketer of Chittagong. popular cricketer Nannu-Novel-Nimmu didn’t find the dead body of their father. So 4th April is a black day in their life that brings a sea of tears in their lives.


Nannu-Nove-Nimmul’s father Samsul Abedin was the Deputy Controller of Habib Bank and he was a very famous cricketer in Chittagong in 1960’s. Their uncle Sultanul Abedin Kaosar was also a very good batsman in 1970-1980.that time he  included  Chittagong Zonal team against Pakistan & MCC team.

Late Samsul Abedin was one of the founders of Abedin Colony and Town Club. All the members of the family loved cricket madly. Mr. Abedin was leading a happy life with his wife and three sons. He had a dream that Novel-Nannu will be renowned cricketers in future. But when the independence war began, the Pak Army snatched his life. At that time Novel was 6, Nannu was 5 and their younger brother Nimmu was only 1 year old.


They fulfilled their father’s dream by playing for Bangladesh National Cricket Team. But it’s a matter of great pain that their father couldn’t enjoy that happy moment. They only recalled their father’s dream, tried to fulfill it and of course became successful. Their younger brother Nimmu aslo played good cricket, but for the sake of higher studies, he went America and settled there.


Yes Novel-Nannu-Nimmu are very grateful to their mother because this great lady tried her best to help them to reach their destination. She played her role as a mother and also as a father. Bangladesh Cricket is very grateful to this family because all the members of this family somehow contributed for our cricket. Hats off for the members of this family.


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