Bangladesh Cricket Is Breeding Success


Bangladesh Cricket Is Breeding Success.
…..Saleque Sufi…..

For making a winning habit you need to start winning. Bangladesh Cricket team was in a state of total confusion throughout the most part of year 2013.Bangladesh almost had the same core group of cricketers in the national team. Yet they were in a cycle of defeat in every format of the game. There were some off the field unfortunate incidents. The body language was not good, the heads were dropping, and there were some attitude problems in some players. From the home series against Zimbabwe Bangladesh bounced back with its back to wall. The comprehensive white wash of Zimbabwe in all format made it turn around. Players rediscovered their confidence. Bangladesh got back to winning cycle. Then in ICC world cup in alien condition the team performed brilliantly announcing their emergence as a potent force. The seasoned professionals all got back into top form and some new quality players emerged. Winning habit was instilled. Players got more and more confident as they carried their winning habit to the present home series against Pakistan. The way they outplayed the visitors in the first two ODI evidence their self believe and supreme confidence in their ability .If they can only hold on to their momentum they will go on to achieve yet another ODI series white wash.

k1Cricket can be a tricky game at times .Some strange things happen and can happen any time. Pakistan may be appearing with all guns blazing to try and avoid series white wash. They will be desperate and desperate people are prone to make mistakes. That is what Bangladesh must exploit. Experienced campaigner Umar Gul is expected to Pakistan pace battery .He has not played International Cricket for a while. At this level it is not possible to execute a “Vini, Vici , Vidi” . Bangladesh has played pacers like Gul with confidence in Australia. Mohammad Hafiz will be allowed to bowl today in his reconstructed bowling action. We have seen Ajmal, a much better bowler than Hafiz struggle in the first two ODI. Bangladesh can care less. Bangladesh needs to play with the same confidence and determination as they did over the first two games. Few say Hafiz and Fawad did not score in the first two matches. What happens if they do today? What is the guarantee that they will not fail again? We are not going to speculate, we cannot discuss if and if not .Bangladesh is well and truly poised for a series white wash come what may.
We do not accept that Bangladesh started the series as underdog .By all counts Bangladesh was pre-tournament favorites and their superlative performance only back up their favorite tag. This team is now oozing with confidence. They now exactly know what they are capable of and they are executing their plans with clinical perfection.


…জয়ের আনন্দে প্রধান মন্ত্রী শেখ হাসিনা জাতীয় পতাকা উড়াচ্ছেন…

Star opener Tamim Iqbal is enjoying his splendid time in the sun. His class is overwhelming the Pakistanbowling. Soumya Sharkar needs to settle his nerve a little bit. Mahmudullah will get back to grove may be today. Majestic Mushfique is turning into a run machine. Shakib is not yet in full throttle. Best of Shabbir and Nasir was not required yet. Bangladesh can score 280 + in every match with this prolific batting line up against this underperforming Pakistan attack.
Mashrafee led Bangladesh attack now has depth and diversity, three pacers and two top quality spinners can rattle below par Pakistan batting in every match. Then there are plenty of options at Mashrafee disposal. Only the leader needs to plan his bowling options in batting power play and the last 10 overs.
This team is fielding well. They are taking most of the catches; ground fielding is improving in every match. The team is playing for each other like a well-coordinated unit .Credit must go to Mashrafee for threading the team together.

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Success of Tiger seniors has catalytic impacts on the Tiger cabs as well. Under -19 Bangladesh team is leading the ODI series 5-1 against current champions South Africa. How success breeds success? We have to hold on to this momentum. We need to plan coolly, make comprehensive perspective plan now.We have to make hay while the sun shines.
How dearly as one of first generation Bangladesh cricket fraternity looking forward to a series white wash by Bangladesh. We need to probe a point to Pakistan to silence our critics among Pakistan Cricket Community. We need to improve our standing in ICC ranking. That will give us a boost for future home series against stronger opposition. It is a rare opportunity for Bangladesh. Mashrafee squad must grab with both hands. Batting first or chasing won’t matter . Bangladesh is going to win and win big even today.


…প্রতি ম্যাচেই ড্রাম বাজিয়ে হৈচৈ এর মাঝে মাঠ গরম করে তোলেন বাংলাদেশ ক্রিকেট সাপোর্টাস এ্যাসোসিয়েশনের সদস্যরা…


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